St. Mary's H.S. School, Dindigul

Rev Fr. Alapatt, S.J. was the Headmaster from 1952-1954. He moved very amicably with the students, staff and the public. Hence he was affectionately called “Appan-Allapatt”. It was he who constructed the present library block. Rev Fr. Provincial took his Residence in Dindigul, St. Mary’s from the year 1954.


Rev Fr. Doraisamy was the, Headmaster and Correspondent from 1955 to 1961. He was the first Rector of St. Mary’s from April 12, 1955. He endeared himself with the poor by his simple ways and special concern and affection for them. He deserves the pride and praise to have started building the present St. Mary’s Church, which is the beautiful hallmark in the campus. ACC, N.C.C. and Textile Section were started in June 1956 at the time of Frs. Ambalam and Ponnaud.


Rev Fr. Michael Raj was the Headmaster and Correspondent from 1961 to 1967. He was a genius in music. His honorable service was one of uniqueness in the history of the school. He is the one who completed the Church of Our Lady of Assumption in 1962.


Rev Fr.D. Arockiam was the Correspondent and Headmaster from 1967 to 1978. He started building staff room and St. Mary’s Hall in 1972 and completed in 1975. He was succeeded by Fr. Joseph Diaz (1972-1975). Fr.T. Mariadoss (1975-1977) Fr.J.M. Lourduraj (1977-1981). The school was upgraded into a Higher Secondary in the year 1978.


Rev Fr.I. Vedanayagam (1981 – 1984 During the period of the Diamond Jubilee of High School was celebrated under the leadership of Fr. Singarayar (in 1983). Once again Fr.D. Arockiam became the Headmaster in 1984-85 before his retirement Rev Fr. S. Ignatius (1985-1987), Xavier Mampra (1987-88), A. Felix Joseph (1988-1991), Rev Fr.D. Henry Amirtharaj (1991-96), G. John Gualbert (1991-92), Arul Jeevan 1992-1994) succeeded the great job of administrating the institute so efficiently as Headmasters Rev Frs. D. Arockiam, Felix Joseph, Vedanayagam, Singarayar, Joseph Michael, Lawrence Gabriel did wonders as Rectors of the institutions thereafter.


Forty-eight shops were constructed in front of the school compounds in 1976-77 in order to have a good protection to school and also to have a good income to the community in order to serve the poor students.


Fr. Marivalan was the superior from 1994-2000 new efforts are on to put a good building for the primary school and Fr. Antony Arockiam the Headmaster and Correspondent (1996-2000) renovated the Santhappar Hall and converted into classrooms. He was the one who shifted the Headmasters room from the first floor to the present headmaster chamber that was so beautifully and professionally constructed.


Frs. Marianathan and S. Albert Joseph are the present Superior and Headmaster who are very effectively running the school with utmost strength of more than five thousand students. The all round development of the students is given utmost importance.


We admit all Catholics and more dalits and poor students in the school a number of scholarships are provided for `the deserving and 5 evening study centers are run for the poor and dalit students. Remedial coaching for the slow learners is organized. Frs. Elangeswharan and Marianathan organized summer camps for the students in 1995. Now every year during summer nearly 2,000 students are getting trained in two wheeler mechanism, wiring, book binding, computer, spoken English and various games and sports in addition to coaching classes for the weak students in Maths and English. And so many similar activities are going in view of the option for the dalits and the poor who seek after our refuge to study.


The Platinum Jubilee of the High School and the sesquicentenary of the Educational apostolate in this campus was celebrated from August 11, 12, 13 2001. A magnificent Jubilee Hall was built as a mark of this celebration above the Santhappar Hall building and St. Mary’s Hall was converted into classrooms. The noted scholar and scientist the now the President of India Dr.APJ. Abdul Kalam, presided over the Jubilee Day function. He admired and appreciated the Jesuits for their commitment in forming the youth through proper education.



This great institution celebrated its 150 years (1850-2000) of splendid service in education in the platinum Jubilee of the high school in particular. Thousands of people who profited from the institution pay tribute of thanks to those forefathers who built it with goodwill. Generosity and apostolic vigor. With the great joy and sense of gratitude I remember all Jesuits, the men of Magis and Heroic mould and lay people who put their heart and soul for Christ mission. That develops at the round formation of thousands of students even today.