St. Joseph's H.S. School, Tiruchirappalli

Rev. Fr.I. Thomas, S.J., took charge as HM in 1949 and served this institution upto 1952. He encouraged the students to prepare the class magazine and helped them to develop their talents. He was very much interested in imparting real faith formation to the students.

Rev Fr. Marianayagam, S.J., took charge as Headmaster in the year 1952 and served three years till 1955 and for the second time for our years 1959-1963. He introduced the school uniform-maroon shorts and white shirts and he conducted the revision tests before the final examination, which was practiced later in other schools also. He encouraged sports and games, especially football. He brought 100% results to the school for the first time. He was well known for his discipline and able administration.

Rev Fr.A.J. Thambi, S.J., succeeded Fr. Marianayagam, S.J., in 1955 and served until 1958. He was a pilot officer known for his noble qualities. He encouraged the staff and students by brining out the class magazines to expose the inherent talents of the students. In the year 1956-57 Ignatian centenary was celebrated all over the Jesuit Province. In Commemoration of the jubilee a grand exhibition was organized with colourful exhibits prepared by the staff and students. During his tenure Rev Fr. Michael Raj, S.J., the Asst. Headmaster took much interest in music and especially taught the students to sing the National Anthem.

Rev Fr. Machado, S.J. because the Headmaster in 1958 and served for one year and then later served as H.M. from 1965 to 1972. He was a great academician who received the coveted National Award and State Award for the Best Teacher. He was in charge of the college band. He published an English Grammer book called `RED BOOK’ prepared with the help of our schoolteachers and distributed to the students. He maintained very good public relations with local and state authorities. Importance was given to sports and games too. Very high academic results were achieved during his period.

Rev Fr. Thangadurai, S.J. served this institution in many ways from 1963-1965. He was very particular about bringing out class magazines and thereby the creativity of the boys was brought out. He maintained strict discipline in the school. Rev Fr.D. Arockiam, S.J., took up as HM in the year 1972 and served for five years. During his tenure excursions for students were organized along with sports and games. Academic excellence was maintained.


Rev Fr.S. Ignatius, S.J. became the HM in the year 1977 and served until 1981. During his period English Medium sections were abolished in all Jesuit Schools. Our school was elevated from high school status to H.S.S. status. He was well known for his personal concern for the staff and the students.

Rev.Fr.A.J. Arockiasamy, S.J., took up as HM in 1981 and served until 1983. He showed keen interest in academic and he had personal inter-action with all classes. He brought good academic results.

Rev Fr.L. John, S.J. assumed charge of HM in 1983 and served until 1987. He introduced Computer Science subjects in H.S.S., with a Mini Lab. He was an able administrator who started constructing the new building for the school next to the school grounds under the guidance of Rector, Rev Fr. Paul C. Jesuraj, S.J.,

On 10th of February 1987, the new school building was blessed by Very Rev Fr. Peter Kolvenback, S.J. Rev Fr. Ignatius, S.J. was serving as HM then. He had a very good rapport with the staff and students. A state level science exhibition was organized in the old school building, which was much appreciated by the authorities.

The Alumni Association was found in the year 1989 with Rev Fr. Joe Lawrence, S.J., as Director Rev Fr. Felix Joseph, S.J. became HM in 1993 and served until 1995. Cultural week was introduced in the school to expose the creative talents of the students. The inter school competitions were also organized for the students of the neighbouring schools. The schoolboys were encouraged to join the band under the able guidance of Rev Fr. Roche, S.J., as Bandmaster.

Rev Fr. Joe Lawrence, SJ., took up as HM in the year 1995 and served until 1998. He was very cordial with everyone in the campus and showed keen interest in Alumni Association Selnav. Ponnusamy secured first rank in General Machinist subjects in XII Std Public Examination and won Rs. 10,000 as cash prize from the state government.

Rev Fr.G. John Gualbert, S.J. He became HM in 1998. He has given the school a new identity by introducing Computer Classes from VI Std to XII Std. Certain alterations are made in the infrastructure keeping in mind the convenience of the students. Value Education, discipline and handwork are given utmost importance. 

For the first time Entrance Examination Coaching Classes for the XII Std was conducted in the school in collaboration with the college staff. The schoolteachers have sponsored “A free breakfast programme” for the poor students.


Due to the floods in November 1999 the library was affected and hence we were forced to shift the library from the ground floor to the first floor. The Jubilee Hall and St. Joseph’s Hall have been shifted to the ground floor.

The present school team of Jesuits consists of Rev Fr. Arul Jeevan, S.J. and Rev Br. M. Devadoos, S.J. and Rev Br. S. Stephen Raj, S.J. Their contribution is notable.

Besides we recognize the gratefully remember the services rendered to the institution by many Jesuits who have contributed for the growth and development of this institution over the years.

In the 162nd year Rev.Fr.Dr.L.Francis Xavier, S.J became HM in 2004. His dynamic and vibrant personality has instilled new vigour to every aspect of the School administration. ‘Reach out to the Low Achievers’ is his catchy slogan. The ‘slow learners’ have been identified and adequate coaching is given to improve their performance. Spiritual and material needs of the students have been taken care of. ‘Deiva Sangamam’ is as common prayer room that is very much used by the staff and the students irrespective of religious affiliations. With the help of the Alumni Association, ‘Adequate Drinking water taps’ have been provided. 

To inculcate the spirit of sacrifice in the students ‘SUPAM’-Students’ Upliftment Animation Movement has been started. With the contribution made by the students, poor students are provided monetary help for buying books, uniform and for payment of school fees. The campus has a new look with a new garden at the entrance. The herbal garden maintained by the students adds to the beauty of the campus. The students were awarded prizes for their rare collection of plants. The students are encouraged to participate in the inter-school competitions. Last year, they won the first prize in the state level inter school Dance competition. As a recognition to their efforts, a special room has been provided for practice.

The recent floods did not deter the spirit and enthusiasm of the staff and students although it did affect the normal functioning of the school twice. The school has limped back to normalcy, thanks to the ardent and untiring work put in by the management, staff and students.