Loyola Technical Training Centre, Ranipet

Loyola Community College

Loyola Industrial School
P.B. 06, Near South Railway Station,

Palar Road, Ranipet, Vellore District,
Tamil Nadu, India. 632 401.
Ph.: off. 04172-271688, Res. 274019, mobile:94434-91506
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Motto: Towards Fullness

Location: Loyola Institutions (Loyola Community College (LCC) and Loyola Industrial School (LISc), Ranipet, is encompassed in 15 acres of land on the bank of the river Palar at Ranipet in Vellore District. It is about 125 kms west of Chennai and 25 kms east of Vellore. Ranipet is an industrial town with renowned companies such as BHEL, EID Parry, Greaves, SAME Tractors, Malladi, etc.


Vision of the Mission: To provide a need based training and thus to make the unemployed youth employable. Also, to provide an integral formation to the youth and thus to include the excluded.



It was a dream of the Jesuit Chennai Mission to extend Jesuit service to the socially, economically and educationally backward unskilled youth living in and around Ranipet. i.e. As the Bishop of Vellore extended his invitation to start an Industrial School, it was materialized by Fathers Malayampuram sj, Jesudasan sj, and Guna sj.


The institutions were started on 31 July 2003, feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, with the name Loyola Technical training Centre (LTC) by the Jesuit Chennai Mission. The centre was blessed by Fr. George Joseph sj, then Mission Animator and the courses (Electrician and Two Wheeler Mechanism) were inaugurated by Fr. Xavier Alphonse sj, Director MCRDCE.


As we got the recognitions from the Tamil Nadu Open University (TNOU) and the Department of Employment and Training (DET) under SCVT pattern, the name of the centre has to be changed as Loyola Community College (LCC) and Loyola Industrial School (LISc) respectively.


In gist, the purpose of the institutions according to Fr. Malyampuram is, Pallathil iruppavarai ullathil iruthiyathal uruvanathu immaiyam which means, ‘it is an outcome of being kept the downtrodden of this locality in our heart’.



· Jubilee building of the Province, for the institutions (Area : 6050 Sq.ft) was opened by Fr. Francis Xavier sj, Provincial, Jesuit Madurai Province and blessed by Rt.Rev. Dr. A.M. Chinnappa, sdb, then Bishop of Vellore on 08 Oct 2003. 

· Vazhitthunai Matha Illam, Jesuit Residence was blessed and opened by Fr.Francis Xavier sj, Provincial, on 15th June 04.

· Hostel (area: 3500sq.ft ) inaugurated on 14th June 05 by Fr. Boniface Jayaraj sj, Rector of Loyola College 

· Fully equipped Workshop (area: 2700sq.ft.) building was inaugurated on 08 Sep 05 by Mr.Cyril, DGM, BHEL and blessed by Fr. Louis sj.



Teaching :09, Non-teaching : 3, Placement Officer :1


Courses Offered

Since At               Loyola Community College   Loyola Industrial School
31 July 2003    Diploma in House Electrician Two & Three Wheeler Mechanism
01 April 2004   Diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Welding Technician
15 June 2005   Diploma in Four Wheeler Mechanism -------


Modalities & Dynamics

Syllabus of each trade is designed in consultation with the industrial partners based on the need of the locality. Curriculam includes work skill and life coping skills as two sides of a same coin. The Life Coping Skills package comprises Life Skill, Developmental English and Communication Skill are provided to enrich the lives of the young students.


The motto is achieved through

* Games, Group Discussions, Plays, developing charts, Quiz, etc.
* Talents day and sports day which bring out the Literary and sports skills of the students.
* Yoga for the Residential students.
* LASAC (Leadership And social Awarness Camp).



* Renewed recognition by TNOU (VPC028) since 11.07.2005 
* By DET, Govt. of Tamil Nadu as Industrial School (nr.K.M.vz;. 24995 / njhg-5 / 05) since    25.08.2005.


Benefactors and Beneficiaries:

* Belgium Government through COMIDE, an agency
* Madurai Jesuit Province

· Educationally, socially and economically backward local youth
· Youth of Sri Lankan Refugees and 
· Tsunami victims of Nagai, Tamil Nadu.

Placement /Higher Studies Record

Sl.No Duration No. of Students Placement /Higher Studies %
1 Jul 2003 – Jan 2004
2 Apr 2004 – Mar 2005


Mar 2005 – May 2005
(Intensive short term Course Organized only for Tsunami Victims)

Details not available
4 June 2005 - May 2006


To Conclude…

The package of training that is being given by Loyola Institutes is being well received by more than 75% our students and is being appreciated by their parents. Thus the very goal of these institutes, making the unemployable youth employable and to include the excluded is being achieved.