Loyola Institutes:

In Kuppayannallur a substation of Ongur, Loyola Institutes was inaugurated on 18th July 1992 after the initial attempt at residential remedial programme. Archbishop Casimir blessed and opened this hostel from where students were sent to RC school at Ongur. Even now the Loyola Campus is known as the hostel among the local people.

Since education was felt as the need of the hour, in 1992 the RC school in Ongur was upgraded into a middle school. In 1993, Gracy Home a hostel for girls was completed in Kuppayanallur. The Jesuit residence, Claver Illam was; also built by then and so a community began to stay here from 23rd May 1993. Students and staff went from here to Ongur for three years to attend the middle school. Since further development was difficult in Ongur Middle School for want of space and infra structure, a new site was thought necessary.


Loyola High School:

So the high school was put up Loyola Institutes, Kuppayanallur and was named Loyola High School 12th June 1995 marked the birth of Loyola school and it has made a significant difference in the education of dalits around. At this time the Good Samaritan Project, a sponsorship programme was adopted on 5th June 1995 for orphans and destitute children in Ongur and the high school students in Kuppayanallur.

For some years the boys had to stay on in Ongur and attended school in Kuppayanallur. The girls resided in Gracy Home built in Loyola Campus. The School got Government recognition on 2nd April 1996 for three years on condition that no demands will be made from the Government for staff salary. The first batch of school final students was sent in March 1997.



With the increasing admission rush in Loyola High School an evening study programme ‘Senthalir” was though necessary for those who studied in different village schools surrounding Kuppayanallur to enhance their study habits. More than twenty villages have such study without dropping out of school.


Animation Centre:

On 3rd November 1996 the Animation Centre at Vallam in Chengalpattu was started to train, organize and animate dalit movements in this part of the mission along with the legal aid programme. Successful attempts were made to regain the Panjami lands which were given exclusively to dalits through organized struggles. A number of programmes like the tailoring institute were conducted to provide skill oriented to the youth. ‘PATHAI’, a training center was inaugurated here for the same purpose on 15th July 2000.


Exploring new avenues:

In 1997 exploration was made to begin a mission among tribals in Javadu hills. Since other religious had plans to expand their mission in this area further action as not taken up. The remedial programme, which was conducted for a year in 1997-98, was shifted back to Loyola institutes. In 1998 Somasipadi separated from Thiruvannamalai parish in Vellore diocese was taken up to build up the dalit community. A multipurpose hall has been built in this parish and housing projects were successfully executed. A committee to study the feasibility of Chengai Region was formed and it was in favour of the proposition.


Arundadhiar Mission:

In 1999 about fifty villages of cobbler community were identified around Kilpennathur near Thiruvannamalai and the Sagaya Madh Mission for arundadhiars was started. Kilpennathur a substation of Mekalur parish came under the pastoral care of Jesuits as a mission. Formal schooling of these children was given importance along with organizing the elders through various schemes. The blessing and inauguration of the Boys ‘hostel named’ AHAL’ on 6th November 2001 is symbolic of the importance given to the education of arunthathiar children.


Grihini Programme:

In collaboration with Madurai Jesuit Refugee Service a Girihini Cenre was started in Vadamathimangalam of Vellore diocese on 22nd August 2001. The first batch of students have completed the varied skill training like tailoring. The scheme benefits both girls from srilankan refugee camps and from the dalit villages in Chenga mission.


Upgrading Loyola High School:

Since constant request were made to upgrade Loyola High School into a Higher Secondary School, steps were taken to begin plus one in June 2001. Only the third group namely Economics, Commerce, Accountancy and Computer Science was started. For this purpose the Computer Centre was got ready and was inaugurated on 7th July 2001.


Future Plans:

Foundation stone was laid for the legal aid center on 15th January 2001 in Chengalpattu. In Ranipet area a technical school is in the offing. A comprehensive developmental programme has been planned for this part of the mission. With the steady growth of the mission, the formation of Tamil Nadu North Region is envisaged in the near future. Perhaps Madurai Province may take this significant step in the Golden Jubilee year.